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About Us

African American Tour Quest (AATQ) is a professional golf development program designed to promote diversity in golf which includes college and career pathways into the golf industry.

The purpose of the AATQ is to identify and develop African American Golfers who desire to play Professional Golf on the PGA/LPGA Tour. 

We have assembled a dynamic team of professionals with the experience and passion to promote diversity in professional golf. Program participants in the AATQ development program will have access to the following services:

  • Fitness/Nutrition Trainers

  • Sport Psychologists

  • Practice Facilities

  • Tournament Development and Sponsorship

  • PGA Golf Instructors

  • Scholarships for College

  • Scholarships for PGA Qualifying School

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

  • Job Placement and Internships


To accomplish our goal, AATQ will identify a minimum of 5 not to exceed 10 exceptional African American golfers annually who are willing to put in the work to practice and compete on a high level.


AATQ has identified potential golfers in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout northern California, and nationwide.

We are seeking monetary donations, sponsorship, and in-kind donations.

Join our movement today!

We are seeking Goodwill Ambassadors, AATQ Advocates, and volunteers to support our mission.

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If you are interested in supporting the mission of AATQ, please contact Preston Pinkney at

African AmericanTour Quest  (AATQ)

African AmericanTour Quest (AATQ)






The African American Tour Quest’s (AATQ) amateur golfer Adrian Davis (San Leandro, CA) competed in two Southern California APGA (Advocates Pro Golf Association) TOUR events.