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Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Equipping underestimated youth to own their future.

The Pinkney Foundation believes strongly in youth learning by providing them with an opportunity to learn about financial planning & management. By partnering with “We Thrive,” the foundation’s “Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship” program curriculum helps youth & young adults ages 11-21 learn basics of handling their money and finances and starting their own business. Participants learn financial and entrepreneurial skills by completing a series of “We Thrive” lessons during a 20 week course.

We’re teaching life skills to our youth participants, who are in middle-school and high-school. While our youth participants launch start-ups and earn revenue, they create businesses solely to practice and develop the habits to achieve their goals and definitions of success.

Children of low-income households face thousands of barriers that business creation skills alone simply cannot adequately assist with. Our youth participants are acquiring mentors and building support systems, learning skills such as personal finance and goal-setting, and adopting habits for their daily and weekly routines.

We are seeking business owners to mentor and host our participants. Click here to volunteer.

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